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  • Knitasha V. Washington, DHA, MHA, FACHe

    Dr. Washington is an advocate and performance improvement expert who has worked with healthcare systems, U.S. government agencies and numerous policymaker groups to ensure that the rights of all patients are respected, particularly the most vulnerable populations. She is currently the Executive Director of Consumers Advancing Patient Safety, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the role of the consumer as a partner in pursuing healthcare that is safe, compassionate and just. Dr. Washington also heads an independent consulting firm ATW Health Solutions based in Chicago, Illinois. Shaped by her passion and belief in social justice, Knitasha has earned recognition nationally for work in health equity and patient safety.


    With more than 20 years experience in healthcare serving primarily as a consultant, Knitasha brings a multi-dimensional talent focused primarily in the areas of systems performance improvement, operations efficiency, hospital turn-around, patient safety, patient and family engagement, quality and health equity. In 2009 she lost her father to a preventable medical error; an event that dramatically inspired her sense of urgency for eliminating harm, improving patient and family engagement and the overall health statuses of vulnerable populations through education and operations improvement. 

    Today, Knitasha speaks around the country about our need to drive safety, quality and equity as healthcare's new norm. As a innovations practitioner she serves in multiple roles driving healthcare transformation both nationally and locally via her consultative practice and research. Knitasha is credited for being a key thought-leader of the alignment of equity with the work of the Partnership for Patients Campaign and faculty contributor to the development of Safety Across the Board. Dr. Washington continues to advocate for greater diversity and minority inclusion and the elimination of health disparities in health systems delivery through her inspiring leadership and work with Consumers Advancing Patient Safety (CAPS) and the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE). Dr. Knitasha is active in patient engagement strategies, community engagement and research which includes here role as collaborating principal investigator for the Community Engagement for Early Recognition and Immediate Action in Stroke (CEERIAS) project with RUSH and Northwestern Medicine as well her the Mega Faith Meets Mega Science project (a collaborative among major academic medical centers and the faith community).


    Dr. Washington is a powerful and inspiring speaker on the topics of health equity, diversity, quality and patient safety. Dr. Washington is a fellow of the American College of Health Care Executives (ACHE) and received her Doctorate of Health Administration Degree from Central Michigan University, Masters of Heath Administration from Governors State University and Bachelor of Arts with a focus in Business Administration from Chicago State University. Dr. Washington is an adjunct professor at Governors State University and Indiana Wesleyan University.  Knitasha also possesses a degree in Global Health Studies and has completed study projects abroad including World Health Organization (Switzerland, Belize and Ethiopia. To her credit have been bestowed many nominations and awards.

  • Dr. Knitasha's Core Values

    The Innovator

    Dr. Washington is a noted collaborator and trusted partner to drive change in health systems performance improvement and innovation.  Select list of agencies and projects includes:

    • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Partnership for Patients Hospital Engagement Networks
    • Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative 
    • Project Patient Care
    • H2Pi
    • Kopian Management 
    • MedStar Health System 
    • University of Chicago Medical Center
    • University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System
    • Butler Health System 
    • Centegra Health System 
    • Long Island Jewish Medical System 
    • Alameda County Health System 
    • Jackson Memorial Hospital
    • Grady Health System 
    • L A County
    • University of Rochester Medical Center 

    The Inspiration

    Dr. Washington's tagline is Be Inspired. That is because she believes we all play a role in changing our health statuses and embraces motivating all stakeholders to engage the necessary change to eliminate social injustices. In this age of consumerism, Knitasha works actively with people from all backgrounds to strategically integrate the voice of consumers and patients into the health care quality improvement process. Dr. Washington inspires others through her work within the community and nationally to raise awareness of various social concerns that impact communities of color such as economics, education and violence and business development.


    Dr. Washington shares on her platforms wisdom shaped by her years of experience. Experience combined with a willing heart to give and passion for change culminates into very powerful, motivational and intellectually inspired talks on diversity, health equity, safety, quality and patient engagement.


    Dr. Washington also mentors and speaks at various venues encouraging individuals to find their purpose and to become change agents in their own personal growth journeys.


    Dr. Washington is accomplished and has received many notable awards. To her credit, she has lectured and keynoted for noted a host of notable organizations such as:

    • American Nurses Association 
    • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Annual Quality Conference
    • Institute for Healthcare Improvement 
    • Alliance for Independent Academic Medical Centers
    • VHA - TV National Press Club 
    • American Public Health Association 
    • American College of Healthcare Executives
    • American Hospital Association - HRET
    • Delmarva Foundation
    • Iowa Healthcare Collaborative
    • University of Illinois at Chicago
    • American Heart Association

    Reach out to Dr. Washington (see below Contact Me) for more speakers information and availability.


    The Intellectual

    Dr. Washington is a recognized national thought leader. Her unique contribution brings a breath of fresh air to the quality, safety and equity discussions. Dr. Washington has been called upon by many federal agencies to share insights and innovative solutions to improve patient engagement, health care safety and quality as well as diversity and equity. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) are just a couple of the federal agencies she has partnered with to drive change. Dr. Washington is sure to always deliver a riveting perspective shaped by her diverse experiences.


    As the Executive Director of Consumers Advancing Patient Safety, she brings a voice for those least heard to healthcare policy and transformation.


    Consumers Advancing Patient Safety (CAPS) is a consumer-led nonprofit organization formed to be a collective voice for individuals, families and healers who wish to prevent harm in healthcare encounters through partnership and collaboration. CAPS is committed to exploring and contributing the wisdom and experience that consumers can offer to patient safety research, education of both consumers and providers, reporting of bad outcomes and near misses, development and implementation of solutions that can prevent harm, and policy making that will help create healthcare systems that are safe, compassionate and just.


    While we champion the experience and collective voice of consumers who have experienced system failure, we embrace as partners those dedicated professionals and organizations who share our vision, mission and goals. Join the CAPS network today!


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